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In 2010, the St. Andrew’s Theological Seminary, with the encouragement of its Board of Trustees, headed by The Most Rev. Edward Malecdan, launched a 10 Million Perpetual Scholarship Fund.  The objective of the fund is to provide scholarships to deserving students from both the ECP and IFI churches who respond to God’s call of serving His Church.  It was also agreed that only the interest of the said fund shall be used for scholarships. 




  • This scholarship is offered to any seminarian from the ECP and IFI who studies at SATS.

  • This scholarship is offered on a semestral basis, depending on the availability of funds.

  • The applicant must maintain a general weighted average of 80% every semester.

  • The applicant is not availing of any other scholarship.

  • Applications are announced as soon as funds are available.

  • The faculty members choose scholar/s from among the applicants.



  • Personal application letter



  • Renewal depends on the availability of funds and on the number of applicants.



Use of Funds:

  • Only the interest of the funds shall be used for scholarships

    • 25% of total interest goes back to the capital fund

    • 75% will be made available for scholarships

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