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Spirituality Groups


A. Spiritual Formation Training Course


The Spiritual formation functions of Chapel Worship, and Spiritual Group Attendance and Involvement will form part of a"training course," just like any training course, and will be graded as "satisfactory," or "unsatisfactory," every semester, from 1st year to 4th year. This will be called SF for Spiritual Formation, follwed by a number for the semester being graded. 


B. Activities


1. Spirituality groups will have certain sessions for Bible Study lessons assigned to all groups, and other activities on their own. 

2. The faculty-in-charge of the spirituality group shall assign a member of the group to prepare the Bible Study, and lead the group study and discussion for the particular session. 

3. Other activities that enhances Christian spiritual formation includes Christian Book Study on the Christian life, biographies of great Christian men and women, Christianity and Science, proclaiming and defending Christian faith, and other interesting and practical topics. 

4. For the other sessions, the faculty and seminarians are encouraged to be creative in planning and conducting activities that will enhance seminary spiritual life as well as student-student, student-faculty, student-community relationships. 



C. Members of the Spirituality Groups


Except for the incoming first year seminarians which will be assigned to existing groups, all members of the existing Spirituality Group shall remain in that group until they graduate. 

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