1. The Principal Pauline Epistles: A Collation of Old Latin Witnesses

2. The Latin New Testament: A Guide to Its Early History, Texts, and Manuscripts

3. Early Readers, Scholars and Editors of the New Testament

4. General Introduction to Post Biblical Judaism

5. Israel and Assyrians: Deuteronomy, the succession treaty of Esarhaddon, and the nature of subversion

6. The Book of the Twelve and the New Form Criticism

7.Constructs of Prophecy in the Former and Latter Prophets and Other Texts 

8. Biblical Terror : Why Law and Restoration in the Bible Depend Upon Fear

9. Melchizedek Passages in the Bible: A Case Study for Inner-Biblical and Inter-Biblical Interpretation

10. Annunciations: Sacred Music in the Twenty-First Century

11. Hidden Criticism: The Methodology and Plausibility of the Search for a Counter-Imperial Subtext in Paul

12. The Book of Ezekiel and Mesopotamian City Laments

13. Languages from the World of the Bible

14. Israel and Empire: A Postcolonial History of Israel and Early Judaism

15. The Old Testament and Christian Spirituality

16. Seeking a homeland : sojourn and ethnic identity in the ancestral narratives of Genesis

17. Figuring Jesus : the power of rhetorical figures of speech in the Gospel of Luke

18. Numerals in early Greek New Testament manuscripts: text-critical, scribal and theological studies

19. Classical Greek Models of the Gospels and Acts: Studies in Mimesis Criticism

20. Treasure Hidden in a Field: Early Christian Exegesis of the Gospel of Matthew

21. Commentaries, Catenae, and biblical tradition : papers from the Ninth Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament in conjunction with the COMPAUL Project

22. Snapshots of Evolving Traditions : Jewish and Christian Manuscript Culture, Textual Fluidity, and New Philology.

23. Iesus Deus: The Early Christian Depiction of Jesus as a Mediterranean God

24. Alter-Imperial paradigm: Empire studies and the Book of Revelation

25. Logic in the Torah 

26. Christian Origins and the New Testament in the Greco-Roman Context: Essays in Honor of Dennis R. MacDonald

27. Jewish Manuscripts Cultures: New Perspectives

28. Commentary on the Gospels : English Translation and Introduction