Lay Training

               Approved by the SATS Board in its November 2014 Meeting

Diploma in Ministry

Objectives: The course aims to:

  • equip lay people theologically and practically to assist in local church ministry and other ministries.

  • provide opportunity for lay people to deepen their knowledge of the Christian faith and practice

  • strengthen the link between SATS and the dioceses as well as other communities.


Course Description: The course will be:

  • part-time and must be completed in not more than 3 years.

  • taught at SATS or in the dioceses (or deaneries) upon request.

  • using SATS lay-training manuals and other materials of recognized quality.

  • taught normally in English.



Content:  The content of the course will be 6 required courses and at least 4 elective courses,

the choice of which will depend partly on the nature of the ministry each candidate hopes to take up after obtaining the Diploma in Ministry.


  • Required Courses:  Each required course is expected to consist of 12-16 sessions lasting 2-3 hours.  A required course is only offered with a minimum of 6 participants.

    • The Bible: Our Sourcebook (1 semester course)

    • The Church Down the Ages (Church History) (1 semester)

    • Living Liturgy (1 semester)

    • What Christians Believe (Christian Doctrine) (1 semester)

    • Dynamics of Christian Living (Discipleship & Ethics) (1 semester)

    • How the Church Works (Constitution & Canons) (½ semester)


  • Elective Courses: Each elective course consists not less than 6 sessions of 2-3 hours. An elective course is only offered with a minimum of 6 participants.

    • Caring for the Church (Pastoral Matters) (1 semester)

    • Music and Worship (½ semester)

    • Church and Society (Contemporary Issues) (½ semester)

    • Church Administration (½ semester)

    • Evangelism and Church Planting (½ semester)

    • Preaching (½ semester)

    • Youth Leadership (½ semester)

    • An Anglican Perspective (Articles of Religion) (½ semester)

  • Other courses may be agreed between SATS and the dioceses.




  • A candidate will pay a fee to cover the costs.

  • He/she needs to be competent in English (written and spoken) as he/she will be required to submit at least one written paper and take an examination in each course.

  • He/she must attend at least 90% of the given sessions per course taken and achieve an overall minimum grade of 75 (50%) for submitted papers and exams.


Resources:  Resources will include the Manuals produced by SATS, books at the Mosher

             Library, DVDs, and other quality references/materials.


Graduation:   The Diploma in Ministry will be conferred at the annual Commencement

             Exercises of St. Andrew’s Theological Seminary.